Isura Silva

Sri Lanka

Isura works to inspire communities to reach out to new opportunities using information technology. Isura is a consultant at Sarvodaya-Fusion. Sarvodya-Fusion is a leading social enterprise focused on using technology to bring development. Its mission is to bring digital access, digital literacy, and digital benefits to every person in Sri Lanka. The organization runs over 120 centers in Sri Lanka on a franchise basis, and builds cross-cutting programs in the sectors of education, agriculture, microfinance, and youth and women’s empowerment.

Prior to working at Sarvodaya-Fusion, Isura has worked in telecom sector and software industry. He has always believed in the power information technology has in creating opportunities. Whether it is to get education, find jobs, or even help people start their own venture by co-creating spaces for harmonious innovation. He hopes that each person can harness their own unique potential to be their best self, not what society wants them to be.

Alongside his work at Sarvodaya-Fusion, Isura is also a workshop facilitator for Active Citizens,  a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. Isura holds a B.Sc ins Chemical and Process Engineering from University of Moratuwa. He also holds a degree from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a Certificate in Executive Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University through Coursera.

Isura was born in Sri Lanka and currently calls it his home.

50,000 to 99,000

Number of Lives impacted
by Sarvadoya Fusion