Partner with Us

We partner with organizations and institutions who align with our mission, vision, and values to secure resources, identify the right participants, and create exceptional programs. There are four main ways to partner with Perennial:


Nominate grantees, partners, or staff members to attend one of our Perennial Fellowship programs in Seattle, Washington. Our three-week training is designed to help leaders cultivate a deep sense of purpose, a global community of support and a renewed vision of and an ability to catalyze positive social change.


Perennial works with partners to design customized half-day, day-long, and multi-day reflective leadership development workshops. These workshops can be organized around a theme or set of practices, and take place in the US as well as in other regions of the world. Perennial workshops are designed to help your team realize their highest potential.


Perennial has years of experience designing and delivering exclusive programs crafted to fit a partner’s unique leadership development and capacity-building needs. These programs take place in the US as well as in other regions of the world.


Perennial offers consulting services for all other needs related to transformational leadership training and development, including curriculum and program design. We are committed to working with partners to grow the leadership in their organizations and communities.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how to partner with us.