Chann Sitha Mark


Chann Sitha wants to be part of the change she wants to see. Chann Sitha is a coordinator at Worker’s Information Center (WIC). WIC is an organization that works to empower women Garment workers by building their understanding, ideas, analysis, and involvement in women worker-led efforts to increase social services and protection in Garment industry and society at large. WIC is also a member organization of the United Sisterhood Alliance (Us), an alliance of four social groups that is dedicated to addressing the needs of the people, particularly women, and to realizing social development, change, and justice in Cambodia.

Prior to working at WIC, Chann Sitha has experience working in development, conflict resolution, peace building and in guiding aid/assistance to the ‘Do No Harm’ initiative focused on dynamic conflict situations of South East Asia, in particular Cambodia and Myanmar. Over the past ten years, Chann Sitha has also advised and consulted a number of local, international and bi-lateral organizations in Myanmar, and used to serves as a member of the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Management Committee advisory group (Government of Republic of Union of Myanmar previous government), providing context analysis, community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement, and conflict sensitive economic governance.

In addition to her role in WIC, Chann Sitha also serves as a part-time instructor to the Royal University of Phnom Penh’s Department of Social Work, and teaching the courses on Causes and Consequences of Poverty, and Advance Case Study Practices.

Chann Sitha was born in Cambodia, and usually calls the place she is living in and taking action as home.


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