Contribute to the Perennial Scholarship Fund

Your gift to Perennial is the light, space, air, water and nurturing soil we need
to inspire global leaders in their important, life-changing work.

We chose the name Perennial because the work of our participants influences the lives of thousands of people across many generations.

A healthy perennial plant can thrive through many seasons, through storms and tough growing conditions. To be able to flourish over time, perennials need to establish their roots. They need light, space, air, water and good soil.

In the same way, a social-change leader’s ability to inspire can thrive in the toughest economic and environmental conditions. To flourish over time, and to catalyze greater well-being for all, Perennial leaders needs to re-establish a connection with the roots of their inspiration and power. Our training, and the community of practice our programs build are the light, space, air, water and nurturing soil of perennial leadership.

Thank you for your support.

100% of all donations go directly to program participation for Perennial Fellows.
The Perennial Fund is fiscally sponsored by iLEAP.

Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships

Donors who give multi-year gifts of $5,000+ and/or $10,000+ annually are invited to name a Perennial scholarship.

Additionally, you will receive personalized appreciation from the scholarship recipient(s), recognition for their contribution in all reports and publications, and exclusive invitations to events with graduates and/or program participants. Named scholarships can also be a collective effort where two or more people combine their gifts to achieve the financial goal.

Wendo Aszed

“Perennial has filled me with more purpose in my work with community–I now know that my leadership is not about giving things to the community, but leaving a lasting mark in the community.”

– Wendo Aszed, Kenya

Kaung Nyunt

“Now my heart and head are fully reconnected again. My organization and I are aligned and my commitment to the development of my country is stronger. My vision is clearer and higher than before. To walk into the future courageously, I have learned how to deal with my fear.”

– Kaung Nyunt, Myanmar Burma

Mabilia Joj Ojer

“Perennial taught me how to value myself much more as a person and as a leader. It impacted my life by amplifying my vision as a woman, as an indigenous woman, and as a female leader.”

– Mabilia Carolina Joj Ojer, Guatemala

Mary Magdalene Tal

“Perennial allowed me to know who I am and how to build my life. It also helped me to re-find my power and I could not have taken so many difficult decisions and stand before you today without Perennial.”

– Mary Yuin Tal, South Africa