Claudia Vanessa Silieazar


Claudia is driven by her passion to make a change. She is the founder of Unidad de Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer y la Familia (UDIMUF). UDIMUF works with survivors of domestic violence, primarily women, by giving them legal advice, psychological support and training on human rights and gender based violence. The organization has also trained judges, attorneys, police officers, journalists, teachers and students on issues such as women rights, gender based violence and advocacy.

Before starting her own organization, Claudia practiced private law and also taught law in various colleges and universities. She holds a Masters degree in gender and development from University of Madrid, Spain. Claudia is also certified as a Sexual and Reproductive Health expert from San Carlos University in Guatemala, along with a certificate in criminal law studies from La Ceiba college in Honduras. She also holds a degree in Criminal Law Orientation from University of Autonoma in Honduras.

In addition to her work in UDIMUF, Claudia is part of Somos Muchas Platform. This platform is made of 33 organizations that are focused on women’s right issues that work in favor of therapeutic abortion for girls and women in Honduras.

Although Claudia sees herself as being a citizen of the world, she calls La Ceiba her home, where she has the view of the vast caribbean sea in front of her and the beautiful Pico Bonito mountain behind her.

250,000 to 499,999

Number of Lives impacted