Our vision

A world led by love and awareness.

Our mission

To reawaken the roots of leadership.

Perennial creates a space for leadership development with an uncommon approach. Leaders of social change around the world today face and respond to increasingly challenging social and environmental issues. They are called to be resilient and connected to their true source of power and purpose. They are also called to be skilled both in turning inward for awareness and renewal, and in turning outward for authentic connection.

Perennial consciously designs and facilitates experiences for social leaders to help them thrive as lifelong leaders. We understand that they must know how to live in joy and inspiration, balanced, aligned and grounded, if they are to sustain their work. Our programs are a transformational opportunity to bring deeper meaning and understanding to the theory and practice of leadership. Our participants find greater purpose in their lives, clarity and skill in the work they lead, and connection to the communities they serve.

This is the unique offering of Perennial:

We train social leaders to renew and sustain themselves in the context of their community, their leadership, their cause, and their lives.

Why Does It Matter?

The leaders who drive social change around the world touch millions of lives and impact generations.

It is because their work matters so much that we do the work we do.

A social leader’s outer impact is a reflection of their inner landscape. Whether positive or negative, it is in their nature to have an impact on others.

In our experience, social leaders who are clear, grounded, and supported by a community of peers have a profound, immeasurably positive ripple effect on their communities and the world.

On the other hand, we have learned that if social leaders are not able to sustain themselves as leaders, even the best laid plans and most brilliant technical interventions will fail to have a positive social impact.

The work of helping social leaders reawaken is therefore not a luxury. It is an essential, vital strategy in advancing social change.

Why perennial?

Our programs and practices have helped hundreds of community-based leaders across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific to deepen their capacities and reawaken their commitment to social change. Our participants come from many cultures, work in many different fields, and serve communities all over the world.

Having the time to renew and deepen our connection to the roots of leadership is rare. Even more uncommon is having the opportunity to do it as part of a community of practice in which peers support and teach each other.

They emerge from our work together inspired and reconnected to what matters. They understand how to pace themselves, how to avoid burnout, how to find equilibrium.
This then enables them to continue the hard work of fighting for justice, transforming cultural norms, and serving the needs of the many—with energy and joy, perennially.

Our experience is that leaders connected to the roots of leadership inspire change over the long term.