Caitlin Terashima Alvarenga

Program Manager

Caitlin is a Program Manager for Perennial where she uses her gift of organization to help keep programs running smoothly and her love of aesthetics to keep our training spaces beautiful. She strongly believes in the power of communities rooted in love, justice, and understanding and is happy to be part of an organization that embodies those principles.

Prior to joining Perennial, Caitlin was in El Salvador co-directing an international volunteer program with the University of Central America that focused on supporting grassroots initiatives with academic resources. Her work entailed supporting the local and international volunteers, bringing the needs and wants of the local communities to the decision making table in the university, and living-in and accompanying the communities with whom she worked. Caitlin also supported the work of IDHUCA (the university’s human rights institute), where she assisted a team of lawyers and psychologists who were accompanying families affected by forced displacement due to violence. Caitlin holds a BA in Humanities for Teaching and Spanish from Seattle University.

A Seattle native, Caitlin is happy to be back making her home in Seattle. Having most recently lived in El Salvador, she still spends as much time as possible there with her partner, Franklin.