May 2019 Perennial Fellows

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula, Uganda

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula is the founder and President of ACCESS Uganda, a community based organization with a mission to work with vulnerable people in resource-limited settings through the provision of medical care, and providing education and economic empowerment to create lasting change. When he was six years old, Robert lost his father and during the subsequent war was separated from the rest of his family. He grew up in an orphanage in Kampala from where he was rescued by an organization which supported his education and gave him the chance to fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor. He is now one of only eight kidney specialists in Uganda. He used the skills and knowledge acquired in his position as medical director of AFXB to mobilize the members in his Nakaseke District to start a community based organization to support orphans and PLWAs.

Robert completed his Nephrology Fellowship at Yale University and is currently pursuing a PhD in NCD epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Delphine Uwamahoro, Rwanda

Delphine Uwamahoro is the Country Director at The Ihangane Project. The Ihangane Project is a nonprofit healthcare organization that began in 2008 as a grassroots effort to address health challenges in Rwanda.  We have evolved into a highly effective model for delivering primary health care to vulnerable people everywhere – and a leader in the design and implementation of local health care delivery systems. Prior to becoming Country Director, Delphine oversaw the implementation of the Clinical Nutrition Program for HIV-Exposed Infants and went on to design and implement a program expansion to include HIV+ pregnant women. She works with all stakeholders to develop a strong and systematic program that can be duplicated at all health centers in the catchment area of Ruli District Hospital.

Delphine studied Medical Imaging Sciences at the Kigali Health Institute, where she received an advanced diploma. She received her Bachelors degree in Medical Imaging Sciences from ECUREI (Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute), and is currently working towards a Master’s in Public Health.

Christopher Hoyt, Guatemala

Chris is the Chief Operating Officer of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), is a charitable organization that has provided a home for thousands of orphans and abandoned children since 1954. Currently there are NPH homes in nine Latin American countries. The official mission of NPH is “to provide shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and education in a Christian family environment based on unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, working and responsibility.” As the Chief Operating Officer, Chris oversees operations to strengthen children and families, as well as over 1,200 employees in nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fatma Said Kauga, Tanzania

Fatma Said Kauga is a driven advocate of education for all, as it gave her a platform to test herself, to assert her own potential, and to help her realize herself. Fatma is the Director of Finance and Administration of  Shule Direct. Shule Direct is a thriving organisation which provides comprehensive web and mobile educational platforms offering learning content across multiple subjects to over a million youth. The purpose of Shule Direct is to provide supplementary, and sometimes alternative, learning platforms to bridge resource gaps and enable access to education to improve students’ potential. Currently, the organization operates in Tanzania and Kenya, while working to be pan-African.

Saman Mahmood, Kurdistan

Saman is the head of  the Human Resource department of Save the Children office in Kalar, Iraqi Kurdistan. Save the Children was established to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. Being the head of HR, Saman is responsible for leading all staff recruitment, along with providing capacity building training and managing staff well-being . Saman has had  more than 15 years of work experience in a diverse sectors with Government, Civil society and volunteering works. He is passionate about advocating for equal rights for all. Saman has a MSc in International Development from the University of Reading, UK.

Pauline Kamau, Kenya

Pauline Kamau is the CEO of Future First; the fastest growing nonprofit championing alumni engagement in Kenyan schools and learning institutions. They are on a mission to unleash the potential of alumni as a resource for students, schools, and societies to thrive.  

Pauline has been involved in research on alumni communities from around the world. She was instrumental in the creation of the Association of Alumni Communities in Kenya which was launched by the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Education in 2017. She is tasked by the board to champion alumni work and redefine the role of alumni in the education sector. Pauline is a lawyer and is passionate about working with youth in Kenya.

Lou Louis Koboji, South Sudan/Uganda

Lou Louis Koboji is the Founder and Director of Kajo Keji Health Training Institute. He fled Sudan in 1987 in the midst of a civil war that would last more than two decades and leave about two million dead. When independence finally came to South Sudan in 2011, Louis was working as a regional medical lab technologist in northwest Uganda. The next year, he visited South Sudan as a consultant and witnessed the crippling health problems that continued to plague his homeland firsthand.

This eventually led to the founding of Kajo Keji Health Training Institute. The institute provides a three-year tailored medical education. Lou is extremely passionate about instilling the Institute’s core values in his students to enable them to save more lives, and this contributes to his belief that the country’s health system and capacity will be strengthened by educating health workers within South Sudan.

Yessica Flores, Peru

Yessica co-founded Kantaya in 2004, an NGO that educates and empowers more than 500 children from impoverished communities to reach their dreams through a social-emotional learning program and its own, uniquely designed educational curriculum. Driven by her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Yessica handles fundraising, marketing and strategy for Kantaya. In addition to her leadership in social initiatives, she has more than 15 years of experience at marketing and strategic planning for leading companies in Peru.

She has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Lima a degree in marketing from UCLA.