Isaiah Powell

Media Assistant

While Isaiah is primarily driven by his desire to learn and explore new horizons he will never turn down an invitation to sit back relax and just enjoy life’s music, and for Isaiah Seattle seemed like that the perfect place to bring those two things together. Born in Chico, California and raised just outside of Sacramento, Isaiah moved to the Pacific Northwest in search of something new and exciting – since arriving in Seattle he hasn’t looked back. He instantly fell in love with the relaxed and laid back vibe the city provided, and was able to fulfill his desire for new experiences with the myriad nearby locations and cultural pockets there are to explore. To top it all off, he was captured by how buildings that can touch the sky could exist so close to some of the most beautiful green landscapes on the west coast.

Isaiah is a third year student at Seattle University, with a double major in Leadership, and Communications and Media studies, he has become increasingly aware of just how large the world we live in really is. He has found a home at Perennial, drawn in by how it connects individuals from across the globe and brings people from vastly different worlds together in a cohesive and meaningful way. Isaiah spends his free time discovering new music, cooking and trying new foods, playing video games, and exploring the city. He is proud to call Seattle his home and can’t wait to find out what other adventures life has to offer.